Friday, July 16, 2010

freelance and finals

here's just a few things. The first 2 images are from a freelance project i worked on for a few students that were building a 3D game mock up and just wanted some basic stuff. The first image is of their main character and the next is a few small thumbnails for key locations they wanted to show.

The third image is the final for the stronger mutant concept for Frgotown. I decided to go with a. I liked the flame thrower idea and a friend of mine really liked the silhouette. The mutants of this lever are a little smarter as they can use tools, basic speach, etc. They would also act as a much stronger enemy than the weaker mutant. Normally they would probably stick near to the mutant hide outs. I hope you like :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stronger Level Mutants

Here's a few thumbnails for another mutant type enemy but stronger. I did these because i knew i wanted a stronger version of the last mutant but i wasn't sure how i wanted it to look. I knew i wanted it to be stronger and probably a little more intelligent. Maybe it uses more advanced tools or even weapons. Here's what i came up with. Something other than mutants coming soon ;)