Tuesday, August 31, 2010

update on the robots and gunslingers.

thought i would post up some updates on the gunslinger character. I even figured i could include the roughs that i did before hand. Earlier in his design i thought it might be interesting if he was blind. I'm thinking about going back to that. You can see on the second value iteration that he has a metal casing over his chest, possibly indicating to a past injury. oh and update on the robot.

these are pencil sketches scanned in and a quick photoshop layer is put on them to try and help show the shapes better.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

space cowboy update and also robots

here's and update on the space cowboys i've been working on. I just started working on the sketch on the right last night. I haven't painted over the sketch at all yet. I've been trying to get a solid, rough under-painting under the sketch before i start going over it with a normal layer and painting more opaquely.

also robots

Monday, August 23, 2010

characterforge again

another entry for the latest character forge on cghub. another round with some really killer entries. (like below)

CGHub CharacterForge 2.5

and here's a sketch of a gun-slinger i'm working on for some fun. be sure to come back and see the final ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

space game monsters

here are a few of the enemies you would see in space game. the game itself won't rely heavily on combat but there definitely would be some. it also makes the exploration aspect a little more interesting. basically these guys are created and live inside the titans that you will be spending some time in and are made up of rocks. the white stream you see go through them is a result of a magic current running through them giving them life. just some quick sketches and there's a little guy in there for scale.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CGHub CharacterForge

2 posts in one week. woooh! just a quick note. my friend ryan has been running a sweet competition on CGHub called CharacterForge where there is a new design doc and every week or so and people do characters for the dock showing process and everything like that in between and then at the end there is a poll to decide a winner. I decided to take part this week and give it a shot. you can see my entry below and here's a link to check it out all of the entries too. some really great stuff!

CharacterForge 02 Entries and Voting

Monday, August 16, 2010

environments from space.

so here's the first drop of some stuff i've been doing for space game. It's a small slice of the pie and i'm trying to get it all organized. I thought i would post up some of the first thumbnail environments i did for it. The game plays really heavily on the idea of adventure and exploration so here are a few different thumbnails with the first few showing some space exploration, the second two are what it might be like on one of the planets itself, and then the last two were just some ideas on what it would be like inside the "titans" which you'll hear more about later. These were really just about trying to get some ideas down visually and seeing what i liked and didn't like from there. anyway, much more to come!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

comming soon...

this is an image that i did for another project i'm working on called space game. The game relies really heavily on the idea of exploration and adventure and not as much on combat. the idea is that it is supposed to feel like an old nintendo game cover or what you might find on a machine at an arcade.