Friday, November 25, 2011

Work, freelance, and whatever else is lying around.

Here's a few images done for work(KABAM). These images were used as backgrounds for the battleground feature and our 5th city in the game Glory of Rome. The bottom two images are different building sets as they level up. These images appear at about half size in game and were a lot of fun to do.

above images copyright Kabam.

These concepts were pitch work for a canceled game project.  This job had a lot of...interesting art direction on it but it was a fun gig.

and finally i've been sketching around with some medievil guys because i don't often draw things in that realm.  not sure if i'm going to take any of these further.

thanks for looking!


  1. oldenkickass! good stuff man, and those the greyscale monsters are sweet

  2. That a boy kicking ass and taking names!!!